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>Me – a Writer?

>When are you a writer? I have written fiction now and then since I was seven. But I never finished any of my stories. Not until I ran into a period of burnout nine years ago. I realized that I … Continue reading

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>How Trustworthy Is Forensics Information From Fiction

>Thank you very much to Brooklyn White for writing this fascinating guest post for my blog! They hold us captive not just by the stories they tell or the crimes they portray, but also by the characters who solve these … Continue reading

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>Vicki Delany, Valley of the Lost (2009)

>[Denne krimi er ikke oversat til dansk] This Canadian police procedural is the second in the Constable Molly Smith series. Lucky Smith hears a baby cry in the bushes outside the Trafalgar Women´s Support Centre. She follows the sound, and … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day # 7

> photo: Barbara Kalmus Larsen (a colleague) beautiful, isn´t it?

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>DJ´s Bait in the Box # 57

> [This wonderful bait box was sent to me by Tim Duncan] I fear that this fairly new, overseas crime novel may be unguessable for many of you, but I don´t have time to read an extra book this week … Continue reading

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>S for Sayers and Staun

>This week the letter of Kerrie´s alphabet meme is S. S is for the British writer Dorothy L Sayers, a Golden Age favourite of mine. She wrote fourteen Lord Peter Wimsey novels and I devoured them all (several times). I … Continue reading

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>Lars Kepler, Hypnotisøren (2009)

>Svensk krimidebut skrevet af ´Lars Kepler´, eller rettere ægteparret Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril og Alexander Ahndoril. På rekordtid er manuskriptet solgt til 29 lande. Hypnotisøren, Erik Maria Bark, bliver vækket af telefonen midt om natten. Politiet i Stokholm ønsker hans hjælp … Continue reading

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>A Tiny Earthquake

>Yesterday your Danish correspondent experienced a “major” earthquake, one of the strongest that has ever been measured in Denmark. Our cottage shook and belched for a few seconds, and we wondered whether our washing mashine had finally fallen down (unlikely, … Continue reading

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>Scandinavian Crime in Poland

> [photo: my daughter´s table snowman] Er der nogen derude, som er bedre til polsk end jeg er? (jeg kan absolut ingenting, men jeg kan gennemskue visse låneord, vi deler med dem). Nå, men i hvert fald er jeg stolt … Continue reading

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>W.J. Burley, Wycliffe and the Three-Toed Pussy (1968)

>This British police procedural is the first of twenty two about Superintendent Wycliffe. I know the series from Danish television (Wycliffe 1994), and when I saw a recommendation of the books on Martin Edwards´ blog, I bought the first one. … Continue reading

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